Why do we dream?

QuestionsWhy do we dream?
James J. Burns asked 11 months ago

We spend around a third of our lives sleeping… but still little information is available about dreaming.

Does dreaming have a goal? And what does science say about it?

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Watch and Study Staff answered 11 months ago

Science hasn’t clearly found the reason behind dreaming, but some researches suggest that dreams and sleeping help our brains store everything it collects during the waking hours. Your brain is met with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of inputs each day. Some are minor sensory details like the color of a passing car, while others are far more complex, like the big presentation you’re putting together for your job. During sleep, the brain works to plow through all of this information to decide what to hang on to and what to forget. Some researchers feel like dreams play a role in this process.

Useful link: http://watchandstudy.com/2016/03/17/why-do-we-dream/