Kopi Luwak – The World’s Most Expensive Coffee

“I like coffee because it gives me the illusion that I might be awake.” …LEWIS BLACK

Kopi luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. The main factor of it’s high price is the uncommon method of producing such a coffee. It has been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal called then palm civet or also civet cat. This is the reason kopi luwak is also called cat poop coffee or civet cat coffee. The feces of this cat will be collected, finished and sold as kopi luwak.

civet cat
African Civet Cat

world’s most expensive coffee which comes from a coffee bean eaten and then pooped out by a cat-like animal called a civet we’re talking through its bubble and $100 a cup but the lesser-known story is that the growing demand for this coffee is driving these animals in seen civets are solitary nocturnal mammals naturally drawn to eating the ripe fruits of coffee plants they poop out the whole coffee bean which farm workers in Southeast Asia have traditionally collected cleaning and then roasted in small batches but what once seemed like a local and sustainable way to produce coffee has become a commercial nightmare whether it’s for the novelty or the supposed smooth flavor people around the world are consuming over 50 tons of Kopi Luwak every year and to meet this global demand wild civets are captured held in forced to live in small cages and fed a diet exclusively of coffee chains while caged they gradually develop Zuko sees an erotic condition that causes captive animals to pace non-stop and gradually go insane currently there is no standard to verify if the coffee is truly from wild civets and many farms that claim to source from wild civets  are actually holding the animals captive these farmers have said there’s no  other way to produce so much of this coffee and that coffee companies knowingly mislabel their product  so not only our consumers getting ripped off they’re also drinking a product that’s misleading is a trendy cup of coffee worth an animal sanity.


$100 a cup of coffee…that’s not much, right, RIGHT?


Few objective assessments of taste are available. Kopi luwak is a name for any beans collected from the excrement of civets, hence the taste may vary with the type and origin of beans ingested, processing subsequent to collection, roasting, aging and brewing. The ability of the civet to select its berries, and other aspects of the civet’s diet and health (e.g. stress levels) may also influence the processing and hence taste.

-Specialty Coffe Association (scaa)-

In the coffee industry, kopi luwak is widely regarded as a gimmick or novelty item. The Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) states that there is a “general consensus within the industry … it just tastes bad”. A coffee professional cited in the SCAA article was able to compare the same beans with and without the kopi luwak process using a rigorous coffee cupping evaluation. He concluded: “it was apparent that Luwak coffee sold for the story, not superior quality…Using the SCAA cupping scale, the Luwak scored two points below the lowest of the other three coffees. It would appear that the Luwak processing diminishes good acidity and flavor and adds smoothness to the body, which is what many people seem to note as a positive to the coffee.”

Tim Carman, food writer for the Washington Post reviewed kopi luwak available to US consumers and concluded “It tasted just like…Folgers. Stale. Lifeless. Petrified dinosaur droppings steeped in bathtub water. I couldn’t finish it.”

Some critics claim more generally that kopi luwak is simply bad coffee, purchased for novelty rather than taste. Massimo Marcone, who performed extensive chemical tests on the beans, was unable to conclude if anything about their properties made them superior for purposes of making coffee. He employed several professional coffee tasters (called “cuppers”) in a blind taste test. While the cuppers were able to distinguish the kopi luwak as distinct from the other samples, they had nothing remarkable to appraise about it other than it was less acidic and had less body, tasting “thin”. Marcone remarked “It’s not that people are after that distinct flavor. They are after the rarity of the coffee”.



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