Signs you’re not Drinking Enough Water

Water, we all know how important it is to our bodies. It is the driving force of nature, without it, there is no life. But, are you really drinking enough of it? If not, how can you know?

Humans must maintain water balance, which means that water losses must be made up for by water intake. Wonderful thing, our bodies are always giving us signs about what they need. So, here are some of the symptoms you may be dehydrated:

Dry Skin

dry skin woman












Your skin is the first obvious place that can give you correct diagnosis. A dry skin is often a cause of moisture lack. However, your dry skin might be a cause of season change. It is important to know that the real problem is dehydration if your skin doesn’t respond to oil and lotion treatments.

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Dry Lips, Tongue, and Mouth

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It is known that lips get chapped in winter. But the truth is, unless you drink enough water, your lips can get dry, sore, and scaly at any time. Having a dry mouth and a sticky tongue can also be a sign of water deprivation, as a dry mouth is caused by little production of saliva which is mainly formed by water (98%). Also, a dry tongue can cause a serious case of bad breath. With that said, keep your mouth moist by drinking enough water, which helps stimulate the production of saliva.

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Low Energy Levels

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Our blood circulation can be decreased when we are dehydrated, as our body stores up energy by decreasing blood circulation. As a result, our energy levels drop when that happens. In short, to prevent feeling tired and fatigue, simply drink the enough amount of water your body needs throughout the day.

Urinating Problems

Drinking enough water will have you urinate approximately from 6-8 times a day, if you notice that you’re urinating less that 2-3 times, you’re probably going through a dehydration phase.

It is also common that people in winter drink less water, as there is lessened urge to drink. But the sad news is this can lead to big health problems. Drinking little water can lead to serious health conditions such as urinary tract infection.

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Dark urine

The color of your urine is the best reliable indicator of your hydration status. A well-hydrated person will have their urine clear and colorless. A dark urine color indicates that our kidneys, which are responsible for waste filtering, are telling our bodies to retain water. Therefore, our becomes more concentrated and darker. Check out this chart below to determine whether you’re hydrated or not:

urine chart
Dehydration Urine Color Chart

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