Final Fantasy VIII Walkthrough | Review

“Involving and exciting characters, storylines, and battles keep you glued to your seat —— Gamepro


Final Fantasy VIII characters
Normal cool lookin’ heroes. No weird stuff.

GAMESPOT: The core of any Final Fantasy game has always been its story, and Final Fantasy VIII’s story is the best the series – and likely the genre – has ever seen. With Final Fantasy VII, Square showed that it had mastered the epic; with VIII, it shows that it has mastered the personal. The characters and their relationships are all extremely believable and complex; moreover, the core romance holds up even under the most pessimistic scrutiny. The decision to eschew a cast of dozens and focus on a central cast of six major characters appears to have been a wise one. The characters don’t seem like base archetypes or generic “heroes,” but like actual people.

IGN: Of all FFVIII’s good points, the graphics are easily the strongest. The low-polygon characters of FFVII are gone, replaced with sometimes surprisingly realistic high-polygon models that only look better the closer they get. If you’re one of those who thought the angled boxes that Cloud used for hands in FFVII — not to mention the positively lethal spikes that stuck off his head to represent hair — were a silly distraction, then FFVIII’s cast of Squall, Rinoa, Quistis, Zell and the rest will be a sheer delight.

final fantasy viii hd graphics
an HD mod for the PC version

Giant Bomb:
 Final Fantasy VIII is similar to Final Fantasy VII, in the fact that all of the action takes place on either a world map, a pre-rendered map, or the battle screen. The world map is a zoomed out version, and is disproportionate to the size of the sole character model, Squall. Characters can traverse the world map a number of ways such as the classic chocobo or airship. The pre-rendered map is proportionate to characters, and features all party members on screen. The backgrounds are more detailed and are directly related to the battle pre-rendered background. Battles take place in a turn-based fashion, similar to other games in the series.

final fantasy viii battle
The good ol’ classic ATB is strong in this game

 Final Fantasy VIII suffers from console-to-PC conversion issues and lacks finesse in many areas, and may alienate newcomers with its engrossing story driven gameplay and Japanese approach to role-playing.

“But it’s still bigger and better than any of its predecessors”

Once again Square are dominating the RPG stakes, and if you do persist with it, this one will never let you go. It grips you like a good book, and once you’ve finished it you feel more empty than when you began.


Metacritic: 90/100
Edge: 9/10
IGN: 9/10
Gamespot: 9.5/10
PSM: 10/10


Electronic Gaming Monthly: Game of the Year (Readers’ Choice)
IGN: Best RPG of E3 1999
Computer Gamin World: 20th Best Game of 2000


Publisher: Square Soft (Enix now)
Director: Yoshinori Kitase
Platform: Playstation, PC (Steam)
Release Date: 1999

Developer: Square
Composer: Nobuo Uematsu
Genre: RPG
Mode: Single-Player



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