Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.

Plato was born into a prominent and wealthy family in the city, Plato devoted his life to one goal:

Helping people to reach a state of what he termed: (Eudaimonia) or fulfillment.

Plato is often confused with Socrates, who was an older friend, who taught Plato a lot but didn’t write any books.

Plato wrote lots of them: 36, all dialogues: beautifully crafted scripts of imaginary discussions in which Socrates is always alotted a starring role – among them:

The Republic, The Symposium, The Laws
The Meno, The Apology

The 4 big ideas for making life more fulfilled:

First big idea: Think more We rarely give ourselves time to think carefully and logically about our lives and how to live them.

Sometimes we just go along with what the the Greeks called ‘doxa’: ‘popular opinions’.
In the the 36 books he wrote, Plato showed this ‘common-sense’ to be riddled with errors, prejudice and superstition.

Fame is great, Follow your heart, Money is the key to a good life. The problem is, popular opinions edge us towards the wrong values, careers and relationships.

Plato’s answer is

‘Know yourself.’

It means doing a special kind of therapy, philosophy:

Subjecting your ideas to examination rather

than acting on impulse.

If you strengthen your self-knowledge, you

don’t get so pulled around by feelings.

Plato compared the role of our feelings to being dragged dangerously along by a group of wild horses.

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