Top 38 Mind-blowing Black Holes Facts!

What are black holes? A black hole is a gravity center. It has so much gravity that even light falls into it (That’s why they are invisible)! It is the result of a dying star.

So, here are some amazing black holes facts:

  1. Black holes vary in size, some are very small, and some are very big
  2. Tiny black holes are as small as an atom, but their mass can be larger than a whole mountain.
  3. Stellar black holes can be up to 20 times more than the mass of the sun.
  4. There are anywhere from 10 million to a billion of Stellar black holes.
  5. Supermassive black holes can hold mass more than 1 million star altogether.
  6. All galaxies have supermassive black holes at their centers.
  7. The supermassive black hole in our Milky Way galaxy is called Sagittarius A, and its mass is larger than 4 million suns.
  8. Small black holes formed with the beginning of the universe.
  9. Supermassive black holes formed the same times their galaxies did.
  10. It is thought that galaxies are held together by their black holes.
  11. When a star gets close to a black hole, high-energy light is made, that cannot be seen with human eyes.
  12. Black holes will not destroy our earth, because there is no black hole near to our solar system.
  13. Even if our sun died, it will not turn to a black hole. And that is because our sun is not a big enough star to be a black hole.
  14. black holes were predicted by Einstein’s theory of general relativity.
  15. In black holes, all physical laws as we know them no longer exist.
  16. The nearest black hole is likely not 1,600 light-years away.
  17. The closer you get to a black hole; the slower time becomes.
  18. Anything that gets too close to a black hole can never escape. This near point is called the “event horizon”.
  19. Theory has suggested that gravity will stretch you out if you fell into a black hole.
  20. New study suggests that the event horizon will act as a wall fire and instantly burn you to death.
  21. From outside observation, objects seem to freeze when they get to the event horizon, without ever seeming to pass the event horizon.
  22. Anything can become a black hole, in theory.
  23. Nothing can escape a black hole, but radiation.
  24. Black holes are constantly losing mass as they emit radiation, this process might cause the death of a black hole.
  25. Black holes look like spheres, not funnels.
  26. Black holes are not always black, as they emit electromagnetic radiation.
  27. Some studies that black holes might be space travelling or power machine.
  28. Black holes can collide with other black holes causing them to get larger.
  29. Black holes are full of debris they have collected from space.
  30. The reason why black holes cannot be seen is because they suck light.
  31. Some astronomers believe that black holes are gates for other universes.
  32. Some theories suggest that every black hole has a universe inside of it, that means our universe is inside of a black hole.
  33. In a black hole, the concept of time doesn’t exist.
  34. Black holes can be low density.
  35. The opposite of black holes are estimated to be white holes which spray out matter and light like fountains.
  36. We can theoretically create a microscopic harmless black holes on earth.
  37. Black holes might be wormholes.
  38. Black holes might spawn new universes.

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